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Art-Impact is the ultimate achievement in the
evolution of search tools for professional art
buyers to specify and purchase unique, original
art and high-quality reproductions.

Our online gallery of distinct artwork is impressive
and easily navigable as it offers advanced search criteria to efficiently find exactly what you need.

Art-Impact is also a platform for artists to promote themselves, to sell their work, and to connect with other artists and art buyers from around the world. Participants will create a virtual art gallery and biography while they share their work with an
entire online society, all at no charge to the artist.

Art-Impact is a robust, online gallery; e-commerce system; and hub for fine-art purchasing
and promotion.
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Richard Benoit

A self-taught artist with a degree in photography who works in a full complement of subjects using pastel, charcoal, acrylic paint and mixed media. He has been pursuing....Learn More
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Crystal McCann
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Liz Tuckwell
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Lidoska Guietti
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